Vermilion Prosperity Seal

Vermilion bird (Zhu Que, 朱雀) is one of the Four Guardian Deities (Si Shen, 四神) of the Chinese traditional culture. It is a Divine Animal, and in some legends, many people think that the Vermilion bird is equivalent to Phoenix (Feng Huang, 凤凰 Bird of wonder). The phoenix is a legendary ruler of birds that is often associated with the Chinese Empress in the same way that the dragon is associated with the Emperor.

The Vermilion Deity is known to spread the wings to purify misfortune, enhance harmony, and happiness. Its most powerful energy is to gather prosperity to bless wealth onto people.   Therefore the significance of the Vermilion Prosperity Seal is created to enhance and provide auspicious blessings.

朱雀是中华传统里四大天神之一,是天上的神兽。在一些神话故事里,许多人把朱雀当作凤凰。 凤凰在神话故事里是鸟中之王,可比喻为皇后,就如龙比喻为皇帝。

朱雀天神一旦展翅便能赶除不幸,增加和谐及幸福。它最强大的力量是聚财并把财福赐予人们。所以开运 富贵天鳳印章始创的意义便是为了带来并增加吉祥的祝福。

Using an ancient secret method to unlock opportunities for wealth, health and harmony, Master Siew Li has created a prosperity seal in 2018. Guarded as a secret amongst great fengshui masters, the prosperity seal takes the form and assumes the power of the Vermilion bird朱雀 (zhu que). With symbols and charms signifying wealth and opportunities, this ancient fengshui secret which was passed down by Master Siewli’s great grandmaster, will now be revealed by Master Siewli in 2018 for many more others to prosper and to benefit from it.

秀莉师父采用古老的秘密方法,利用携带着吉祥记号的凤凰,以印章的形式呈现,以增加个人机会,增强身体健康,增加财富以及提升和谐。这是秀莉师父的风水祖师所传下来的秘法,从不外传。在2018 年,秀莉师父将破例把这个古传秘法告诉大家, 并推出开运富贵天鳳印章让各位都能飞黄腾达。

How to enhance the 9 sectors of home and office using the Vermilion Seal?

The Vermilion seal when in contact with water gathers positive fengshui energy (Qi), and can be used to bless the ten special cards to be placed in the nine sectors around the house or office. With blessing from the vermilion seal, these ten special cards are special keys to unlock one’s wishes, and can enhance (加持) auspiciousness and prosperity.

These cards can be placed in nine sectors namely North, North West, West, South West, South, South East, East, North East, central part of the home, office, table or any environment.

The tenth card can be folded and carried in your wallet or bag to bring all the goodness of the key of the Vermilion Prosperity Seal.

The ten cards can be placed in the following sectors:

Suggested placement

Instruction of Use 使用步骤 :

Date : On or after 4 Feb (LiChun)

        1. Boil some water from tap
        2. Pour some boiled water into a clean glass or porcelain plate or container
        3. Place the Vermilion Prosperity Seal on the plate or container with water for at least 10mins
          把开运富贵天鳳印章 放在盛水的容器里十分钟
        4. Take out the 10 keys (cards)
        5. Use the Vermilion Prosperity Seal to stamp on one card at a time and leave to dry.
          (Do note that no prints will be seen on the cards)
          使用开运 富贵天鳳印章盖上卡片上,然后让它自然风干。重复在每张卡上(注意卡上并不会留有任何显印)
        6. Stick or place the 9 cards according to the sectors
          (You may choose to hide the cards ,eg. Under the table or behind cupboard)
          【Do not keep them in drawers or cupboards, as you will lock up its power】
        7. For the tenth card, you can fold and place in the wallet, purse or bag that you carry everyday
        8. Once completed, you may dispose the water in a potted plant, fountain or outside of your door or balcony.