Master Dennis

Master Dennis

Dennis Yeo


Reaching out to more people and improve their life.

Provide Consulting Services

Master Guide in Metaphysics, Bazi & Feng Shui

Master Dennis has been following and supporting Master SiewLi during her growing business, especially in the last decade when she received increasing commissioned projects for private and commercial properties from both local and overseas.

With formal intensive training under Master SiewLi’s guidance, Master Dennis has been actively consulting clients from all walks of life.

Once a non-believer of geomancy and Chinese astrology, he came to realise good fengshui advice draws on personal relevance and practicality. With time, Master Dennis realised the tremendous positive change in the fortunes of Master SiewLi’s regular clients – marveling that her prescriptive advices just seems to be prescient and just works!

Geomancy and Chinese astrology, as a study, has continuously evolved with time and history staying relevant and popular to so many over more than a thousand years. Master Dennis steadily grew an interest in its extensive knowledge and history and started applying its lessons to improve his own life.

With years of practice, Master Dennis takes delight in helping his clients receive life improvements. As part of TEAM SIEWLI, the shared ambition is to apply fengshui to more people, to help bring greater improvements and fulfillment.


Life Chart Consultation 

Personal Life Chart reading enables you to know what is best for you.

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