Master Francis

Master Francis



As a destiny guide, I map people life, fix their problem, improve and activate their destiny.

Providing Consulting Services

Master Guide in Metaphysics, Bazi & Feng Shui

Master Francis is one of Master SiewLi’s first disciples and started off as a skeptical customer of Bazi and Fengshui who simply followed along with his wife to seek her services as a couple. Over the years, he has come to question his assumptions and bias.

After talking Master SiewLi’s basic and advanced BaZi & Fengshui courses, his fascination in interpreting the eight symbols that give a collective of 64 permutations matched to the prevailing luck cycles and yearly changes has made him a full convert.

Master Francis is in TEAM SIEWLI as one of Master SiewLi’s consultant to aid in assisting more people understand how they can take charge and improve their lives with practical recommendations and correct effective fengshui placement.

Realizing his “Gift” at analyzing life charts drove his passion forward to help people make better choices. Ultimately, the study of these Chinese subjects is about applying balances and ensuring harmony by harnessing positive energies in one’s life. Master Francis prescribes solutions grounded on the same practicality that Master SiewLi is renowned for. Combining Bazi & Fengshui, this help accurately enhance an individual’s fortunes, relationships, health and careers.

As he has benefited from Bazi and Fengshui, Master Francis now wishes to pay his forward by helping others benefit from it. As he often says: “I had benefited from Bazi and Fengshui, I believe you will benefit from it too.”

Life Chart Consultation 

Personal Life Chart reading enables you to know what is best for you.

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