Embark on a Destiny of Transformation in Period 9 (2024 – 2043)

Are you seeking positive changes, greater prosperity, and a harmonious blessed Life?

In the cosmic tapestry of existence, 2024 heralds the arrival of the Period 9 into a 20 years cycle of transformation, uncertainties, and spiritual awakening. As we step into the first year of Period 9, the cycle of this spiritual era, we are presented with an extraordinary opportunity to unlock the boundless blessings of heaven, earth, and mankind.

Period 9 Feng Shui is your gateway to a life filled with abundance, happiness, and overall well-being.

Let's explore why you should embrace Period 9 Feng Shui and apply Master Siewli’s Esoteric fengshui elements and symbols for 20years (2024 -2043)

  1. Azure Dragon Vermillion Emblem - Prosperity Power Beckons (South Sector)

Imagine a life where wealth and nobility power flows effortlessly, where financial success and freedom is not a distant dream but a tangible reality. Period 9 Feng Shui opens the doors to abundance. The Wealth Stars (Star 9) is at its peak during this period, and by harnessing its energy, you can attract noble benefactors to financial prosperity and success.

Activate by introducing Master SiewLI wealth-enhancing Esoteric Feng Shui symbols : The Azure Dragon Vermillion Phoenix Emblem in the south sectors of your home or office.

  1. Dragon Pearl String of Abundance Moonlight Vase - Legacy abundance and Vitality (South West Sector)

A healthy, youthful beauty and wealthy life for generation is a precious gift. In Period 9 Feng Shui, the wealth legacy and investment prosperity (Star 2) , offering you an opportunity to fortify your optimal well-being and abundance for generations. Clear clutter and maintain cleanliness in this sector to allow positive energy to flourish.

Activate Master SiewLi’s Dragon Pearl String of Abundance Moonlight Vase in the South West to restore all your abundance for generations!

  1. Opulence Destiny of Universe - Deepen Your Spiritual Wisdom and Soul Guardians (North Sector)

The Universe of Heaven, Earth, Human harmonious relationships and noble guardians benefactors are the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Period 9 Feng Shui recognizes this and provides remedies for strengthening bonds. The Star 1 also influences your spiritual wisdom connections with the Universe to be your highest potential self.

Enhance this area in the North sector with Master SiewLi’s symbols of wisdom and Spirit guardians Feng shui, The Opulence Destiny of the Universe creates an environment conducive to deeper intellectual beyond destiny of life and a more meaningful intuitive people relationships.

  1. Opulence Treasure Chest – Wealth Wellness Chest of the Riches (Centre)

The centre is a vault of goldmine that brings generation of Longevity, good Fortune, boost direct, indirect and windfall wealth luck.

Activate the centre with Master SiewLi’s Esoteric Feng Shui, Opulence Treasure Chest. It is a powerful catalyst for attracting harmonious happiness, wealth and success for you and your descendants.

  1. Wealth Whisperer Legacy Treasury -"Cosmic Prosperity Vault to Riches" (North West, South West or left of your work desk)

Entering into the first year of Period 9, prepare to embark on a transformative journey of prosperity, wisdom, and well-being with the exquisite "Cosmic Prosperity Vault”, a masterpiece born from the extraordinary talents of Master SiewLi.  It's more than a chest; it's your direct gateway to enduring riches.

Ancient Blessing Galactic Symbols: The Keys to Cosmic Abundance

This extraordinary chest is adorned with timeless Galactic symbols, serving as conduits to the cosmos. These symbols beckon the celestial blessings of wealth, wisdom, and wellness. Each symbol embodies profound cosmic wisdom, promising boundless prosperity that transcends generations. Your path to cosmic abundance commences here.

The 9 Dragon Guardians of Fortune Wells: Sentinels of Affluence

At the heart of this treasure chest, you'll encounter the awe-inspiring "9 Dragon Wealth Guardians." These majestic dragons, intricately embedded within nine celestial Fortune wells adorned with the very Galactic symbols that grace the chest, serve as sentinels. They are more than protectors; they are cosmic conduits. These dragons channel the essence of prosperity, ensuring your wealth multiplies ceaselessly and secures an enduring legacy written in the stars.

The 9 Dragon Gate Portal: Your Cosmic Destiny Awaits

At the core of this treasure chest lies the ultimate secret - the "9 Dragon Gate Portal." These magnificent dragons aren't just guardians; they are the portal to a universe of wealth, wellness, and wisdom. This portal is your direct connection to the cosmos, a celestial conduit capable of reshaping your destiny. It's the key to unlocking the cosmic secrets, propelling you toward your dreams and aspirations. The Dragon Gate Portal is embodied in a 24K gold-plated plate adorned with cosmic notes, a testament to its cosmic power.

🌟 The Hidden Treasures Within 🌟

  1. 🌌 Galactic Blessing Notes: Strategically place these notes within the chest to bestow cosmic blessings on your surroundings. Watch as your wishes take flight, ushering in boundless success and abundance.
  2. 🌌 Ancestral Heritage: The "Cosmic Prosperity Vault" transcends time, symbolizing your family's legacy of wealth and prosperity. Pass it down as a cherished heirloom, bridging the past, present, and future of your family's prosperity.
  3. 🌌 Positive Aura: This vault radiates a potent, positive aura, instilling harmony and prosperity wherever it resides. Transform your space into a hub of well-being and success.

Your home is more than just walls and furniture; it's your sanctuary, your refuge from the chaos of the world. Period 9 Feng Shui transforms your home into a haven of tranquility and positivity. Imagine coming back to a place that radiates harmony, where you feel invigorated and inspired every day.

Master Siewli Esoteric Feng shui for Period 9 Feng Shui is a transformative practice that invites positive energy into your life. It's about taking control of your destiny, creating an environment that supports your dreams and aspirations. Don't wait for change to happen—proactively invite prosperity, health, and love into your life by embracing Period 9 Feng Shui. Your journey towards a better life starts right at home.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your living space and supercharge your life? Give Period 9 Feng Shui a try, and watch as the magic unfolds. Prosperity and harmony await you.


踏上九运的变革之旅(2024 - 2043





应用Master SiewLi的秘室风水元素和福号,为期20年(2024 - 2043)。


  1. 青龙朱雀-荣华之力召唤(南方)


建议在家或办公室的南方区域摆放Master SiewLi的秘室风水摆设:青龙朱雀来启动财富之星


  1. 龙珠月光樽- 丰富遗产和活力(西南)


 在西南区域摆放Master SiewLi的龙珠月光樽,让你的富足传承予你的后代。


  1. 裕玺:起运- 深化您的精神智慧和灵魂守护者(北方)


 在北方区域增强Master SiewLi的智慧和灵魂守护者福号,裕玺:起运:创造一种有利于智慧和人际关系的环境。


  1. 九龙至尊,五贵运财 - 财富丰盛之宝(中宫)


通过Master SiewLi的秘室风水,激活中宫。吸引和谐幸福、财富和成功的强大催化剂,为您和您的后代带来福祉。


  1. 财富密藏传家宝库(财富密语传承宝库) - "宇宙繁荣宝库"(西北、西南或您工作桌的左侧)


Master SiewLi精心创作的" 财富密藏传家宝库"。它不仅仅是一个箱子;它是通向永恒财富的尊贵钥匙。









您的宇宙命运正在等待 这个宝箱的核心是终极的秘密 - "9龙之门"。这些壮丽的龙不仅仅是守护者;它们是通向财富、健康和智慧宇宙的门户。这个门户是您与宇宙的直接联系,是一个能够重塑您命运的天上渠道。它是解锁宇宙秘密的钥匙,将您推向梦想和抱负。龙门之门被镶嵌在一个24K镀金的板上,上面装点着银河福号,证明了它的宇宙力量。 金盘上,饰有宇宙的福号,这是其宇宙力量的明证。



  1. 银河福号福纸:


  1. 祖传遗产:


  1. 正面光环:




Master SiewLi的九运风水是一种变革性的实践,它邀请积极的能量进入您的生活。这是关于掌控您的命运,创造一个支持您的梦想和抱负的环境。不要等待变革发生 - 主动邀请繁荣、健康和爱进入您的生活,拥抱九运风水。您通向更美好生活的旅程就在家中开始。

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