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About Siew Li

Siew Li is Singapore’s leading Bazi and Fengshui master, and has been practising since 1983.
Having grown up in a big and humble family where her father had to work very hard to put food on the table, Siew Li was determined to understand the curious workings of life and destiny, and how this could be improved.

Siew Li started palm-reading in her teenage years and received her mentorship in fengshui, bazi, and palm-reading, from many well-known masters in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore. Counting her own family members as one of her first few customers, Siew Li has clocked a remarkable number of more than 100,000 client consultations through her years of practical experience. Her modern technique of fengshui analysis takes into consideration the aesthetics and existing construct of the premise, making it a unique blend of modern day minimalist and ancient art of fengshui.

Her impressive clientele range from senior executives, business leaders, property developers, government officials, politicians, celebrities, entertainers and artistes from local and overseas. Over the years, she has applied her unique fengshui technique on properties and projects such as international hotel chains, vacation resorts, banks, insurance agencies, warehouse, factories, offices across Asia Pacific.

秀莉老师在少年时期就已开始看掌相, 并且远赴美国、中国、印度、马来西亚、缅甸、新加坡、香港等地拜师学艺,在众多的名师指导下掌握了精湛的八字、易经风水等知识和技能。





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Customer Testimonials

TEAM SIEWLI Geomancy Fengshui Master / 秀莉团队

– Coached by Master SiewLi

After more than 3 decades of client practice, Master SiewLi has invested much time to train and coach a new generation of fengshui masters to help guide more people towards achieving a winning life. At FORTUNE TALKS by Master SiewLi, you can be assured your life’s questions will be carefully analysed by our TEAM SiewLi Geomancy Fengshui Masters.

All of us are born with our very own life chart. Some are born lucky, but many of us are not. In life, we soon realise that we do not achieve the same results with the same effort – for some, it seems so more harder to win success and good fortune no matter how hard they try.

Why does this happen? What can we do differently? Your life chart provides these answers. Reading your life chart can help you avoid or minimise negative things from happening and improve your luck. It can also put a challenging period in perspective, and show how you can turn your fortune around.



PRESTIGIOUS SOE Award Recognition.