Project with Puteri Cove

As one of Singapore’s most sought after Feng Shui masters, Master Siew Li has consulted on key residential and commercial projects, including international hotel chains and resorts, banks and offices across Asia Pacific. Through her personal investment in Puteri Cove Residences, she shares the interplay of the five auspicious elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) that Puteri Cove possesses and shares her knowledge with like-minded investors and home buyers who are on the lookout for prime luxury properties that will stand the test of time.

Responding to the Essence of Place

In Feng Shui, it is first and paramount that the design of a building integrates or blends amicably with the landscape of the surroundings or design of neighbouring buildings. To this end, Master Siew Li shares an example, “Puteri Cove is an ideal project which best reflects how a building should respond to the essence of place and blend cohesively with the surroundings. In terms of Feng Shui, this is a plus point as it is the first step to coexist in harmony with the physical environment. I have been to many countries to consult on the Feng Shui of development projects, and never have I seen a land that I’d name as the future paradise. The coastline of Puteri Harbour is similar to Monaco, the paradise of the Mediterranean coastline of France.”


Water is the equivalent to wealth in Feng Shui and Puteri Cove is similar to Monaco, with both land forms possessing a “Pot of Wealth” where the water will stop and gather at the hub area. This  gathering of Qi or wealth results in the boom and development along the coastline. Thus properties along this coastline are often one of the most expensive and highly sought after. In addition, the movement of yachts and boats serves as the transport mode of Qi and wealth into this area. The coast in front of Puteri Cove wraps around the Dragon Pearl that is Singapore,  and it carries strong energies inwards, leading to the eventual boom in and along Puteri Cove, where a mini Singapore in Puteri Harbour is envisioned.

The other significant natural land form is the support of the longest stretch of mountains from the north as far as Russia to Northern China to Burma, Thailand then to West Malaysia ending at the tip. This in particular provides the strong support of flow of wealth and harmony to Puteri Harbour from the north, signifying that investments from China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore etc is likely to pour in, benefitting Puteri Cove and its residents.


“Puteri Cove is an ideal project which best reflects how a building should respond to the essence of place and blend cohesively with the surroundings. In terms of Feng Shui, this is a plus point as it is the first step to coexist in harmony with the physical environment.”

Unlocking the favourable elements of Puteri Cove

In the case of Puteri Cove, three towers and 33 storeys represent strong Fire, which translates to happiness and  harmony. Here, Water meets Fire, bringing further wealth into the development,  signalling that the shops along the coastline will be the future world-class F&B, leisure and entertainment district.  Wood and greenery is abundantly present  while water is featured prominently within the development and also surrounds it. These elements are well balanced and bring harmony to the area and its residents. The open concept of the project allows wind to flow freely throughout and this keeps the energy or “Qi” going within and represents the bustling economy and strong upside potential of Puteri Cove. These factors bode especially well for Puteri Cove as once a development starts off on good strong fundamentals, its prosperity and harmony will be well anchored for the future.


Wealth is where home is

Feng Shui considerations are a growing factor of interest to home owners and investors. Master Siew Li ’s observations of the significance of positive Feng Shui in Puteri Cove is a clear endorsement. Serving not only as a second home, Puteri Cove is a sanctuary for homeowners where a sense of warmth, relaxation and safety culminates as one. For more information on Puteri Cove, please visit or call +65 6508 3199.

Auspicious luck awaits at Puteri Cove for it is situated in a land with the largest stretch of the bay, and there will be another boom for this development where she will enjoy double wealth and the property will eventually be the most expensive and sought after project from 2023 onwards.