As a veteran practitioner, Siewli integrates her deep knowledge of bazi and fengshui with strong practical experience to provide clients with sound and useful advice during consultations. Combined with her personal and affable personality, you can look forward to better understand your chart, how to improve your overall luck, wealth and well-being, and guidance on some of the most critical decisions in your life around family, career, romance and inter-personal relationships.

  1. Life Chart Consultation  分析个人运程
  2. Residential / Commercial FengShui Advisory  勘察家宅 / 商业风水

  3. Floor Plan FengShui Analysis  平面图分析

  4. Auspicious Date Selection  择吉日

    • Wedding / 嫁娶
    • Child Birth Date / 出生
    • Moving Property / 搬迁
    • Opening Ceremony / 开市
  5. Auspicious Name Selection  取吉祥名字

    • New Born / 婴儿
    • Personal / 个人
    • Company / 公司
  6. Sun & Moon Healing Sessions  太阳与月亮静修班

  7. Corporate & Personal Fengshui Workshop  八字与风水基础和高级课程


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