This is a rare Feng Shui activation that only happens once in every 9 years where all the 9 dragons or stars sit in the 9 Palaces known as ‘the Honour of 9 Dragons’ – the good one is very good while the bad is extremely bad. 

Passed down from Master SiewLi’s Grandmaster lineage for almost three decades, she took over from him and has been working with many successful ‘towkays’. It is also commonly known as 五贵运财 (five guardians bring wealth).

As it is the most wanted and popular ancient Feng Shui craft practised by royalties, noblemen and businessmen for everlasting legacy and longevity blessings, Master SiewLi decided to duplicate it so that many of her clients can enjoy this magical Feng Shui craft.

This is specially created and can only be activated once every 9 years and will cover the coming years across future generations.

The Opulence Treasure Chest is also created to usher in prosperity energies and balance challenging energies of the Period 9 star that is influencing Earth luck.

When opened, the Chest is embedded with five auspicious symbols of 24K Gold-Plated Coins bearing the four powerful Feng shui deities – the guardians of four cardinals that can manifest the most auspicious luck and powerful benefits:

Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon or Green Dragon from East represents the rising sun, giving ambition and courage to ascend to the highest power of nobility and earning respect from others.

White Tiger
White Tiger from West represents the Yin moon for nourishment and replenishment, managing and protecting the most Yin energies to bring in a balance of ambition and fame luck. 

Black Tortoise is entwined with a snake from North, also known as black warrior, to guard the house and bring wisdom and longevity.

Vermillion Phoenix
Vermillion Phoenix from South protects the descendants, letting go of bad energies or blockages from the past and ancestors to fulfil the legacy of prosperity, wealth and good blessings from generation to generation, balancing harmony and passing down good ‘DNA’ or genes to future generations.

Fortune Treasure Cat
Alongside the four Guardians of Opulence, the most important coin is placed in the center of the Treasure Chest: the Fortune Treasure Cat (Yellow Fortune God). Known as the Five Yellow Earth God that digs out and elevates the deepest, untouched wealth that is almost impossible to have, the Fortune Treasure Cat creates and ascends legacy wealth and nobility power for career, investment and luck.

Placements and Benefits

  1. Place in the living room or office, or next to the cashier counter for good business and sales luck.
  2. Everyone should have one placed on top or inside the safe box for great financial performance and wealth luck.
  3. Place in the center to activate good fortune and prosperity in 2022 – this ancient method is called ‘five guardians bring wealth’.
  4. Place on the left of the desk to activate good relationship, power and great financial performance.
  5. The five Gold Coins can also be placed in the four corners and center of a space or desk to usher in the luck of the five guardians and is very effective when moving in to a new house or office.
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