The Commander of Prosperity for Generations, and Your Rituals of harnessing Trinity Treasure

The Vermilion Phoenix is an ancient teaching and wisdom that supported Emperors and Nobleman in Generations for Fortune, Longevity and Wisdom. This is then passed down to their descendants.

It is a Commander as Vermilion Phoenix sits on the left of the Dragon to purify misfortune, manifest harmony and prosperity when it spreads its wings.  Its main command and ritual is to gain fortune to bless people for good wealth, wellness and wisdom.

Master SiewLi crafted special symbols for the Trinity Treasure Ritual Cards to activate powerful radicles that she made beneath the Vermillion Phoenix Seal.

Using an ancient secret method to unlock opportunities for wealth, health and harmony, Master SiewLi has created a prosperity seal.
Guarded as a secret amongst great Feng Shui Masters, the Prosperity Seal assumes the power in the form of the Vermillion Phoenix.

With the symbols and charms signifying wealth and opportunities, this ancient Feng Shui secret which was passed down by Master SiewLi’s Great Grandmaster, will now be revealed by Master SiewLi for many more others to prosper and to benefit from it.

Vermillion bird is one of the Four Guardian Deities of the Chinese traditional culture. It is a Divine Animal in some legends and many people think that the Vermillion bird is equivalent to the Phoenix, Bird of Wonder. The Phoenix is a legendary ruler of birds that is often associated with the Chinese Empress in the same way that the dragon is associated with the Emperor

The Vermillion Deity is known to spread its wings to purify misfortune, enhance harmony and happiness. Its most powerful energy is to gather prosperity to bless wealth onto people. Therefore the significance of the Vermillion Phoenix Prosperity Seal is created to enhance and provide auspicious blessings.



How to enhance the 9 sectors for house and office using the Vermillion Phoenix Prosperity Seal.

The Vermillion Phoenix Prosperity Seal when in contact with water gathers positive feng shui energy (Qi) and can be used to bless the ten special cards to be placed in the nine sectors around the house or office. With blessing from the Vermillion Phoenix Prosperity Seal, these ten special cards are special keys to unlock one’s wishes and can enhance auspiciousness and prosperity.

These cards can be placed in nine sectors namely North, North West, West, South West, South, South East, East, North East, Centre part of the house, office or any environment.

The tenth card can be folded and carried in your wallet or bag to bring all the goodness of the key of the Vermillion Phoenix Prosperity Seal.

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